Library of the French School of the Caucasus

Rules for borrowing books


Before borrowing :


  •     Every student from Primary to High school has the right to borrow books.


  •     Books must be registered with one of the librarians.


After borrowing :


  •     Books must be returned either to one of the librarians or in the bin provided.


  •     If a book is damaged, the librarian must be notified by the student or his/her legal guardian.


  •     If a book is lost, penalties, i.e. the price of the book to be refunded, will be applied to the family.


  •     If books already borrowed are not returned, the student is not allowed to borrow again. This rule also applies to textbooks.


 Library Regulations


  •     Food and drink are not allowed.


  •     Any document consulted must be put back in its place after consultation.


The place must be kept quiet and clean at all times.