The French school of Caucasus was created in 2006 by the French embassy.

Since September 2010, the school is located downtown/in the city center, alongside Vake park. Its building was designed respecting the norms for security, hygiene, pedagogical organization, and sustainable development standards.

The French school of Caucasus promotes the European values of respect, solidarity and excellence for all.

A teaching method for the future

The French school of Caucasus gives each child the opportunity to start learning french naturally at the age of 3 while socializing. From the age of 6, students start learning English. And at 14, another language is offered ( spanish, german…). For Georgian students, their native language is taught throughout the entire curriculum.


Efficient teaching methods

In pre-school and the elementary school, the French curriculum is designed to articulate the education process in five main fields of activities: language, discovery of the world, socialization, body expression and creativity. In secondary school, the emphasis is put on methodology and the work rhythm. In high school, the focus is on the knowledge and social skills necessary for students to obtain the French baccalaureate.


A dynamic, skilled and motivated teaching community

An international and multidisciplinary team of certified teachers aiming to contribute to the success of each student. A pedagogic support that guarantees access to personalized monitoring for every student. An attentive administration keen to ensure the continuous improvement of the services it offers. Parents dedicated to the success of their child and the reputation of the school.  


High-level facilities and a stimulating environment

The French school of Caucasus has been designed to allow students to work in optimum conditions:

On the basement floor : a swimming pool, a gym, and an auditorium; On the ground floor: the cafeteria, the preschool class rooms; on the first floor: the administration, the school office, and the nurse’s office; on the second floor, the primary school class rooms, the school library; on the third floor, the secondary school class rooms, including specialised rooms (computer room, sciences, music, fine arts…);  on the fourth floor, the high school class rooms.

A school open to Georgia, Europe and to the world.

The French school of Caucasus is a member of the international network of the Agency for French teaching abroad (Agence de l’enseignement français à l’étranger, AEFE).  Gathering 500+ structures across the world, this organization allows the mobility of students throughout their entire education. It guarantees the quality of the education and the compliance to academic standards.  The French school’s ambition is to give each of its students the opportunity to enroll in the best university in Georgia, in France, in Europe or anywhere in the world.